Germany S8 Glass Repair

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Germany S8 Glass Repair

We often receive Samsung Galaxy S8 glass repair requests from customers in Germany. CepMarket offers same day Samsung Galaxy S8 glass repairs for all of its customers no matter where they are located or coming from.

Germany S8 Glass Repair

Galaxy S8 Glass Repair

Our German customers can get their broken Galaxy S8 glasses repaired between 2 or 3 hours. This duration depends on how crowded the store is during the repair. Our technicians only use original spare glasses for all Galaxy S8 devices. This means that they are not cheap or low quality parts. Since Samsung does not sell the parts they use in their devices, OEM manufacturers do it.

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Thus, the original parts used for the repair are called Original Equipment Manufacturer or OEM for short. They are exactly the same glasses but just sold by manufacturers instead of smartphones brands like Samsung. So, we offer the highest quality Samsung Galaxy S8 repair for all our customers from Germany. You can watch your device getting repaired while waiting in our store. We offer warranty for all our repairs.

For more questions, you can give a call to our number and ask anything you want. You can also use our WhatsApp support service that is 7/24 on

6 Nisan 2020 – Samsung Galaxy Screen Ersatzpreisliste

ModellErsatzpreis für WindschutzscheibePreise für Bildschirmersatz
İşçilik Süresi60 – 90 DK Yoğunluğa Bağlı Değişken
KargoÜCRETSİZTüm Türkiye’ye Aynı Gün Gönderim
ÖdemeONLINENakit, Kredi Kartı, Havale & EFT
Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus 750 TL 1500 TL
Samsung Galaxy S10 700 TL 1450 TL
Samsung Galaxy S10E 600 TL 1000 TL
Samsung Galaxy Note FE (Fan Edition) 900 TL 899 TL
Samsung Note 9 700 TL 1499 TL
Samsung S9 Plus 600 TL 1389 TL
Samsung S9 600 TL 1399 TL
Samsung Note 8 600 TL 1345 TL
Samsung S8 Plus 500 TL 1289 TL
Samsung S8 500 TL 1189 TL
Samsung S7 Edge 500 TL 1199 TL
Samsung S6 Edge 600 TL 845 TL
Samsung S6 Edge Plus 600 TL 999 TL
Samsung Note 5 300 TL 899 TL