iPhone Sensor Test Code

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iPhone Sensor Test Code

iPhone sensor test code is among the topics that users are curious to know about. With iPhone sensor test code, you can enable a special and hidden iPhone menu that allows people to test the sensors in their smartphone. For instance, if you are concerned about your signal power, you can enable a more precious way of displaying it in iPhone.

iPhone Sensor Test Code

iOS Sensor Test Code

This hidden menu is known as “Field Test” and there are more than five different options in the menu. Most of these settings are designed to help OEM and programmers to troubleshoot iPhone when something goes wrong. That is one of the reasons why Field Test is not accessible by usual ways. However, these settings are actually quite helpful even for standard iPhone users.

Some settings in Field Test menu requires you to restart your iPhone in order to be applied. We also do not recommend to change any configurations that you are not fully sure what it actually does. One of the reasons people want to go in Field Test menu is to change the way SIM signal is displayed in the notification bar on their iPhone. Here how can you do this with iPhone sensor test code:

  • Go to your iPhone dialer application and type: *3001#12345#*
  • Make sure that you included “*” and “#” in between the numbers.
  • Tap the call button and you will now see the Field Test menu.
  • For example, here you can force restart your iPhone and change the way SIM signal indicator is displayed.
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Unfortunately, there is no default way to test sensors in iPhone like you do in Android. Smartphones with Android operating system come with special codes for vibration sensor test, blacklight sensor test, touchscreen sensor test or promixity sensor test and more. However, you can use paid iOS applications like Touchscreen Test to test sensors in iPhone.

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