Mobile Phone Repair Service İstanbul

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iPhone Ne Zaman Şarja Takılmalı?

Mobile Phone Repair Service İstanbul

With its huge cell phone repair sector experience, CepMarket is one of the biggest mobile phone repair services located in İstanbul. CepMarket mobile phone repair services are open between Monday and Saturday from – We do repairs for devices ranging from Xiaomi and Oppo to Huawei, Samsung, Apple iPhone and much more.

Free Shipment and Same-Day Repairs

  • In CepMarket, our technicians carry out same-day repairs for all mobile phones in almost any type for repairs performed.
  • Furthermore, when our customers cannot find the time frame to bring their broken mobile phone for a repair to our Kadıköy store, we provide them a free shipment option thanks to our collaboration with the Yurtici Kargo.
Adalar Telefon Tamiri

Courier Option for Fastest İstanbul Repairs

Besides the free shipment option, you can also choose to use the courier option for the fastest possible mobile phone repair in İstanbul. Our couriers pickup your mobile phone at any location you choose and bring it to our store at Kadıköy. After that, we carry out the professional repair process and then bring back the repaired mobile phone to your location, mostly on the same day (the costs are 40 TL each for the pickup, and the delivery back).

Top Quality Spare Parts

In CepMarket, we have been repairing mobile phones since 2006 now. Due to the 14-year of experience in the sector, we never recommend using cheap spare parts in cell phones. Mobile phones are highly compact and complicated devices. If anything on your device goes wrong, that may mean a complete failure for the rest of the device. Thus, İstanbul mobile phone repair service CepMarket only uses A quality or original parts for a convenient repair.

Akıllı Telefon Tamiri Nasıl ve Nerede Yapılır?

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19 Ekim 2020 – Example of Mobile Phone Repair Prices

Model ve TamirFiyat
iPhone XS Max Battery Replacement499 TL
iPhone XS Max Screen Replacement2600 TL
iPhone XS Max Front Glass Replacement1200 TL
iPhone XS Max Rear Back Cover Replacement499 TL
iPhone XS Max Speaker Replacement TL

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