How to Tell What is Your Phone’s Model

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How to Tell What is Your Phone’s Model

 Most of the time we get questions such as “What is the model of my General Mobile phone?” or “How to tell the Samsung mobile phone model?” It’s an easy process to tell a phone’s model.

 The Code that Writes for to Learn of Phone Model

IMEI number or MEID number of your phone is an unique ID identification for your phone. An IMEI number or an MEID number is just for one phone. For this reason, it is a usable tool to track the phone which was stolen. To learn what your phone model is, you can scan your phone’s IMEI or MEID number and you can see what your phone model is.

IMEI Query

Press on your device this: *#06#

There will be a IMEI number which has 15 digits. Note this number or you can just take a screenshot to make it easy. This number can not be copied.

After copied the number you can query is on this web page:

By doing this process you can see what your phone model is.

How to Learn Model for Android Phones

If your phone is Samsung or LG which has Android, you tap the “Settings” button and then tap the “About Device” button. You can see the IMEI number of your device by tapping Status from here. Here is another ways to learn:

First way is examination of your phone’s out case. Check the front side or back side of your phone for logo and shortname writings. Some phone models have just two letters.

Second way is tapping the Settings app. On a Samsung or on a LG phone which has Android you can tap the Settings. Going below and tap the “About” title. After that take a look at “Model Number”. When you search this number on Google, you will see your phone’s model.

Third way is to tap “Settings”. Tap to the “System”. Tap “Regulatory Information”. Now you should be able to see what your phone model is. If all of these won’t work there is one more method to learn what your phone model is. If your phone battery is removable, you can see this on the sticker on the battery.

How to Learn What Your iPhone Model is

If you want to learn what your iPhone model is: You can tap the “Settings” and then you tap the “General”. Bottom of the section you should tap the “About”. Now you can see what your IMEI number is.

There is a 6 digit code on the original iPhones back case. You can use this code on the list below and you can learn what your iPhone model is.

Code List of How to Learn Mobile Phone Model is

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