Computer Doesn’t Detect the Phone (Samsung)

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Computer Doesn’t Detect the Phone

The computer not detecting Samsung phones is one of the common problems. The exact cause of the problem is unknown, but it can be said to be caused by software conflict or incompatible cable usage. Cheap USB cables are often invisible to the computer. There should be no problem when using an original Samsung cable.

Try A Different USB Cable

  • If you have different USB cables compatible with your device, try these cables.
  • Sometimes one cable is not working and the other cable can be detected by the computer.
  • You can also try to download your phone’s USB drivers to your computer.
  • Samsung USB drivers can be found easily on the official Samsung website.

Put it Another USB Slot

Some USB ports are USB 2.0, others can be USB 3.0 or USB 3.1. These may differ in compatibility with the cable. If possible, try all the ports on your computer (including the motherboard ports on the back of the case).

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Device Removal

From your Windows computer, go to the “Control Panel” to access the Devices and Printers menu under “Hardware and Sound”. Find your Samsung device, right click it and click “Uninstall device”. After this process, reconnect your Samsung device.

If Computer Still Doesn’t Detect the Phone

If your computer still does not detect the phone despite all these steps, connect your phone to a different computer. If you encounter the same result, there may be a problem with your cable. As a last resort, you can try to reset your Samsung device.

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