iPhone Battery Replacement Service

Garantisi Bitmis iPhone Ekran Degisimi

iPhone Battery Replacement

 iPhone battery replacement is an indispensable part replacement that every iPhone needs at some point.

  • This process is one of the most affordable phone parts replacement. However, it is also the most risky one.
  • It should only be done with top quality batteries, otherwise the consequences can be quite annoying both financially and health-wise.

Battery Replacement is Matter

 As CepMarket, we always make repairs with top quality iPhone replacement batteries in our Kadıköy technical service. These batteries are identical to the original battery removed from the device. Therefore, it should not be confused with low quality replacement batteries. Annoying and dangerous problems such as burning, heating, explosion are not experienced in these batteries.

Battery Life Becomes Like the First Day

 iPhone battery replacement longs in 45 minutes. After the repair process your iPhone device has battery life like the first day. So in other words, the iPhone, which could not even last half a day, can now easily complete 1 day as before. There is no change in the performance of your device.

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Quick and Reliable

As CepMarket, we make fast and reliable iPhone battery changes at our Kadıköy service. In the process, the performance of your device does not slow down, on the contrary, performance losses due to the weakened battery will improve. Because the life of each battery is approximately 2 to 3 years. You can have an iPhone battery replacement with free shipping.

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