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Kadıköy Mobile

CepMarket is one of the more experienced cell phone repair services located in Turkey, İstanbul. Our service is open between Monday and Saturday from 10.am – 10.pm time window. You can send your cellphone to us with free shipment, no matter where do you live in Turkey. Also, we offer special courier services for customers located in İstanbul.

Kadıköy Mobile
Kadıköy Mobile

İstanbul Kadıköy Mobile Cellphone Repair

When you have arrived at CepMarket, you can sit with us while we repair your broken cellphone or tablet device. Or if that’s more convenient for you; you can leave and return in 30 minutes to find your device completely repaired. Our objective is to make the process as easy on customers as possible. CepMarket is specialize in all type of smartphone repairs. But due to the customer demand, we mostly do iPhone and Samsung repairs in our service.

  Samsung Galaxy J330 Ekran Tamiri

All our iPhone, Samsung, Huawei or Xiaomi repairs and other replacements come fully guaranteed for a specific period of time. Thus, we ensure that everything will be going OK on our customer’s side. Our courier service come to you and receive your device; then deliver it to our store in İstanbul, Kadıköy. The cost of using the courier service is 80 TL (Turkish Lira) for receiving and delivering the smartphone back to you. It is a convenient and really quick cellphone repair service for customers located in İstanbul.

All smartphone screens, glasses, batteries and all other cellphone parts are fixed under 60 minutes. In this period of time, you will get your phone repaired perfectly and it will look like a brand new device. Looking for a cellphone repair? Not a problem. In Kadıköy mobile, CepMarket perform all type of cellphone repairs. From cracked screens to missing volume button or broken charging ports, all cellphone parts are repaired in less then 1 hour in our Kadıköy mobile service named CepMarket.

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Nisan 2021 – iPhone Orijinal Cam Değişimi Fiyatları

ModelCam Değişimi FiyatıEkran Değişimi Fiyatı
iPhone XS Max
800 TL TL
iPhone XS600 TL1099 TL
iPhone XR
700 TL1599 TL
iPhone X
600 TL1450 TL
iPhone 8 Plus
350 TL299 TL
iPhone 8 Plus Arka Cam 399 TL
iPhone 8300 TL240 TL
iPhone 8 Arka Cam399 TL
iPhone 7 Plus 250 TL279 TL
iPhone 7220 TL250 TL
iPhone 6S Plus
200 TL229 TL
iPhone 6S190 TL200 TL
iPhone 6 Plus
180 TL229 TL
iPhone 6160 TL200 TL
iPhone 5S150 TL150 TL
iPhone 5C150 TL150 TL
iPhone 5150 TL150 TL
iPhone SE150 TL150 TL
iPhone 4S149 TL149 TL
iPhone 4149 TL149 TL

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