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iPhone Screen Repair – answers to the most frequently asked questions

iPhone Screen Repair

For convenient, affordable and professional iPhone repairs, CepMarket is available for your service 24/7! CepMarket offers same day iPhone screen repairs for all models currently available for sale. Our technicians only use Original Equipment Quality (OEM) spare parts in all iPhone screen replacements.

CepMarket iPhone Screen Repair

The screen in the iPhone can get damaged due to many different factors. For instance, once you drop your phone on the ground, the physical stress that your device endures may result in a broken part, damaged LCD flex cable or broken LCD panel. So if you are in Istanbul, how do you fix this quickly? CepMarket offers fast and reliable iPhone screen repairs thanks to more than 12 years of experience in the cellphone repair field.

Our technicians consist of people who have more than enough experience to perform best iPhone screen replacements for all models. Our repairs take approximately 1 hour and we backup device before the repair to make sure that no data will get lost in case of a problem. Of course if you don’t want us to store your iPhone data, feel free to tell us beforehand. We backup phones for convenience.

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We support iPhone screen replacement for iPhone XS Max, iPhone XS, iPhone XR and iPhone X as well as all other iPhones including iPhone 8 series, 7, 6 and even 5 series models. Since all repairs are done with OEM quality spare parts, you will not experience any differences on your device after the repair such as a change in color, touch feel or other similar things. Your phone will perform exactly the same as before except it will look same as new!

Down below in the accordion menu, you can find screen and glass replacement prices for all iPhones.

iPhone Screen and Glass Repair Prices

ModelGlass Replacement PricesScreen Replacement Prices
Repair Time60 – 90 minDensity Variable
CargoFREEAll Turkey on Same Day Shipping
PaymentONLINECash, Credit Card, Wire Transfer & EFT
iPhone XS MAX800 TL1699 TL
iPhone XS600 TL1099 TL
iPhone XR1599 TL
iPhone X600 TL1450 TL
iPhone X Rear glass cover399 TL
iPhone 8 Plus350 TL299 TL
iPhone 8 Plus Rear glass cover399 TL
iPhone 8 300 TL240 TL
iPhone 8 Rear glass cover
399 TL
iPhone 8 Red Rear glass cover TL
iPhone 8 Plus Red Rear glass cover TL
iPhone 8 (PRODUCT) RED™ Special Edition Rear glass cover TL
iPhone 8 Plus (PRODUCT) RED™ Special Edition Rear glass cover TL
iPhone 7 Plus250 TL279 TL
iPhone 7220 TL250 TL
iPhone 6S Plus200 TL229 TL
iPhone 6S190 TL200 TL
iPhone 6 Plus180 TL229 TL
iPhone 6160 TL200 TL
iPhone 5S150 TL150 TL
iPhone 5150 TL150 TL
iPhone 5C150 TL150 TL
iPhone SE150 TL150 TL
iPhone 4S149 TL149 TL
iPhone 4149 TL149 TL
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